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Chinese Martial Arts Fitness School


The enduring oriental martial art of WuShu Kung Fu, the self defense and health program that combines power, grace, courage and self control. Historically, traditional Chinese martial arts were called “The Truth” or “The Way” indicating that martial arts were not only used for the development of physical strength, but also to clarify and discipline the mind. Beyond physical stamina, traditional Chinese martial arts are the intrinsic element of achievement and an excellent self defense system and art form.


Although the daily routine may vary, we offer the following disciplines of martial arts:

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Stretching ~ Internal Art of Bagua, TaiChi, Hsing-I, Qigong ~ External Art of Kung Fu, WuShu Acrobatics, 18 Weapons, Self Defense, Chin-Na, Jujitsu, Aikido, Full Contact SanDa ~


The Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation, Inc. is one of the premier Chinese martial arts training schools in The United State. Established in 1982 under the direction of Grandmaster Maing Yul Jung and his sons Master Jason Jung and Master Choon Jung,

My name is Brian Roark. and this is the “Chinese Martial Arts Fitness School”. Internal and external Kung Fu promotes good health and wellness in physical and mental development. We provide friendly and knowledgeable coaching in a recreational and competitive environment. Our goal is to help students develop self-defense, coordination, focus, keenness of mind, balance and confidence as an individual in the arena of Wu Shu.

Chinese Martial Arts Fitness School
171 Pasadena Town Square Mall
Pasadena Texas

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