A message from the Shifu

Shifu with Stick
Hello, my name is Brian Roark and this is my martial arts school the "Chinese Martial Arts Fitness Center". I began training in boxing and martial arts at an early age with my brother. He loved martial arts and started teaching me when I was very young. In 1987 he brought me to Grand Master Maing Yul Jung's martial arts school, the Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation Inc.. I began my formal martial arts lessons learning San Da with the grandmasters world champion son Choon Jung. Six months later I was in China fighting full contact with no pads! Tournament was billed as the bloodbath in Taiwan. I remained a student of the Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation until 2010 when the Grandmaster retired. After Grand Master Maing Yul Jung retired I opened my school, the "Chinese Martial Arts Fitness Center" in Pasadena Texas.

The “Chinese Martial Arts Fitness School” is a health and fitness oriented Kung Fu school. Internal and external Kung Fu promotes good health and wellness in physical and mental development. We provide friendly and knowledgeable coaching in a recreational and competitive environment. Our goal is to help students develop self-defense, coordination, focus, keenness of mind, balance and confidence as an individual in the arena of Wu Shu.

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